Athlete Scholarship Program Established With Major Donation

The Spartan Sport Group is excited to announce the establishment of their player scholarship fund with a private donation of $125,000. This will enable and propel the Spartan Sport Group to run a long term endowment fund for the benefit of their student athletes for years to come.

Nathan Fischer, Director of Development had this to share

“This is an incredibly generous contribution, providing a very strong foundation to build from. It also illustrates that our program philosophy and components of delivery is valued by a broader community. We know there are great people and organizations who believe in what we are doing, and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

The donor has requested to remain anonymous. All scholarship funds received will be distributed to students of need and who exhibit leadership and personal development goals aligned with program deliverables.

For more information, or to learn more about the scholarship program, please contact:

Nathan Fischer

Yashar Farmanara